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    We're creating everything you've ever wanted.

    Our licensed team offers quality work, including roofing, windows, siding services, insurance claims, storm damage repairs, gutter repairs, as well as exterior maintenance for both residential and commercial clients. We have an outstanding professional reputation with previous clients which says a lot about our company. We prioritize transparency, integrity, and fair pricing.
    Mateusz Kubisz




    Leak Solutions and Shingle Repair

    Prompt remedies for leaks and damaged shingles, preserving the durability of your roof.

    Seamless Roof Replacement

    Effortless transition to a resilient roof with top-tier materials, ensuring long-lasting protection.

    Siding Solutions

    Expert siding repairs or complete transformations for improved aesthetics and protection.

    Leak-Free Gutter Maintenance

    Effective solutions for leak-free, optimally functioning gutters.

    Rapid Storm Damage Recovery

    Swift and dependable repairs for storm-induced damage to roofs, siding, and gutters.

    Insurance Claim Assistance

    Trouble-free support in navigating insurance claims for roof, siding, or gutter damage.

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    Needs Assessment

    We begin the process by thoroughly analyzing your project needs during a detailed consultation and assessment, guaranteeing a customized strategy.

    Transparent Proposal

    Next we present a transparent proposal that fully details the project's scope, materials, and expenses, enabling you to make well-informed decisions confidently.

    Efficient Execution

    Our skilled and licensed team handles the project with efficiency and precision, whether it involves roofing, windows, siding, or exterior maintenance.

    Stringent Quality Check

    Conducting a thorough quality inspection to ensure our work is completed to the highest standards. Your satisfaction is the priority, and we encourage feedback to ensure we have aligned with your vision.


    What customers say about our work?

    Mike MurrayMike Murray
    20:19 07 Nov 23
    Matt and his team completely replaced the roof on our new home and it looks fantastic! They were quick and efficient and the price was great as well!
    X-AMNT PropertiesX-AMNT Properties
    00:37 04 Nov 23
    Great people to work with! Very professional and knowledgeable! Very satisfied with their work!
    Matt from his team instead all new shingles and gutters on my brand new house and I can say that his job was wonderful. Over year everything is excellent.
    R ThomasR Thomas
    21:27 02 Nov 23
    Great work. Matt and Simon were fantastic to work with. Actually, their entire crew were professional and polite throughout the entire project. Dream Home Exteriors answered all my questions and kept all their promises. They even fixed additional problems I didn’t even know about. I will definitely save their number!! Thanks for the great job!
    Eddie StitchEddie Stitch
    19:03 02 Nov 23
    Im very happy with the services provided by Matt and his team. My roof and gutters look great! Its as almighty God sent down his angels with hammers to work on my roof; they did their work with such precision and finesse, its as if they were flying over my home. I truly appreciate how the management-team at this company made the decision-making process as flawless as possible and didn't pester me in any way. I highly recommend them to all my friends/families and look forward to using them again in the future.
    Joe BaugnetJoe Baugnet
    17:51 15 Oct 23
    Dream Home Exteriors helped add new siding to our home and initially did a fantastic job. However, like many contractors right now, they cut a few corners and I'm now stuck with a $10k bill to fix my flat roof and siding.Their salesperson verbally told us that there was nothing wrong with our flat roof before adding the siding. Once the project was finished we noticed that the boards were sticking out below our flat roof. Sure enough, water got behind the boards and tyvek, creating mold and rot less than 10 months after doing the job.To make things more weird, their contractors randomly visit our house and walk around our property taking pictures and without ringing our doorbell.The last contractor to come over I confronted about the siding problem. He ripped off the siding to inspect and has never come back to fix it. Instead, they expect us to pay $10k to fix things they inspected and originally cleared. Now we're stuck with a patch of siding off our house and are in a standstill of what to do.Update as of 10/15/2023, they still have not fixed the siding they ripped off. Now we have to get a lawyer involved to ensure they stick to their contractual obligations. Pain in the butt for the customer to have to go through something so trivial.
    Craig SumlerCraig Sumler
    15:59 17 Aug 23
    This company does absolutely amazing work! Very large crew and all very professional. They keep a very clean work site at all times and treat your home as if it were their own. This roof was completed approximately 2 weeks ago and just let the photos speak for itself! HIGHLY recommend!