Do you have the information you need to process property insurance claims?

Need help with your storm damage insurance claim?

We are specialists in Roofing, Siding, Gutter, Hail and Wind Damage as well as helping you with your Insurance Claim Process.

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We help home owners get the right settlement for their storm damage claim. We use the same technology as the insurance carrier's adjuster. We help adjusters identify damage and ensure that all current building codes are respected local and national.

From property data reports for one-off claims to post-disaster virtual inspection services, DH Exteriors provides insurance carriers with all the necesary paperwork including the latest building codes and manufacturer sugested installation proceses.


DH Exteriors Claim process helps claims adjusters:


  • Identify steep roofs or multi-story homes requiring ladder assist, drone inspections, harnesses, or other equipment.
  • Close claims faster by avoiding costly and time-consuming second visits to the property.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and cycle time by sending the right resource the first time.

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